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10:13 am on Thursday, March 9, 2006

I didn’t blog on the SUV terrorism at UNC because I didn’t have anything signifigant to add. This opinion piece, in the Daily Tar Heel is a must read though.

But Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar – an Islamist who rented an SUV with the stated intent to kill students on campus to avenge Muslims worldwide – is not a “hit-and-run” criminal, as WRAL reported and others parroted.He is a terrorist.

We are a nation of disparate values. We cannot unite behind religion. We live among saints and sinners of every denomination and creed.

We cannot unite behind symbols – such as a flag that we alternately hail and ignite or a Bill of Rights some call gospel and others hypocrisy.

Islamist terrorists find one true path, while we embrace the possibility of multiple truths. There are few things in this country that we harmoniously coalesce behind and even fewer times when we speak with a united voice.

And that in and of itself is worth fighting for.

We must rise to defend our political space – a box on the editorial page for an offensive cartoon, a place on a shelf for an offensive book, a protest in the Pit with offensive signs – because in the end that is what we have that is worth fighting for.

Wonderfully written.

(hat tip: The Anchoress)

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