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France’s love for Obama

7:25 am on Thursday, January 22, 2009

FT.com / Europe
France’s defence minister on Wednesday appeared to rule out any immediate reinforcement of French troops in Afghanistan if requested by Barack Obama, the new US president.

Hervé Morin said deploying additional French forces to the war-torn country was “not a question for now”

I’m  not surprised by this.  While it is certainly true that President Obama is more popular in many parts of Europe then President Bush, at the end of the day being well loved (or very much hated) doesn’t make much difference when it comes to nation states determining their interests and choosing how to support them.

This isn’t intended as a dig against Obama, I expect he will be able to do about as well as anyone in getting European support, but it is a little bit of a dig at all those who were sure it was just Bush’s fault and that Obama would work miracles in this area.

Diplomacy is carrots and sticks, not a love fest.

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