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The End of Excess?

9:25 pm on Monday, March 30, 2009

My brother sent me this article:  The End of Excess: Is This Crisis Good for America? – TIME.

It is worth reading.

The first page or so I didn’t like, the author seemed indecently glad that fat, stupid America had got its due, and I expected a pretty radical, out there set of solutions that didn’t have much to do with the economy, but rather simply were the authors vision of social justice.  In truth, there is some of that in the article, but less then I expected and it also was pretty clear in that those who think the future will represent some wholesale rejection of the past are wrong.

I don’t agree with everything the article says.  Actually I disagree with quite a lot, but it is worth reading for some of the positives that can come out of our current crisis.

For the record, I suspect that we are not at ‘The End of Excess’ any more then the 30s represented the end of excess.  From the perspective of the roaring 20s, the 50s were incredibly wealthy and our current standard of living unimaginable.  I strongly suspect that that trend will continue and we will be hugely richer ten years from now, and we can’t even guess was thirty or forty years from now will be like.  And I expect that more then anything, it will be the American spirit that leads the way.

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Comment by Bob Morris

April 22, 2009 @ 1:34 pm

A little late in replying to this after reading the article, but a general comment:

On one hand, you would think Americans would learn from the “those who don’t learn from history are likely to repeat it.”

On the other hand, Americans have always been fascinated by new advances in technology, which is part of the reason we have these booms, followed by down periods where some people live for the moment and don’t think ahead.

I do agree that there will be another period of prosperity as long as there are those in this country and world who work toward further progress. It may take a while for it to come, but I believe it will come.

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